Net Zero and Me with Austin Commercial

What’s behind the “Net-Zero” hype? What is carbon neutral? Most of us have a vague idea. This session explains carbon-neutral; it will cover processes and methodology used to achieve Net-Zero, and how your company can reduce its carbon footprint on a job site. Presented by April Chang.

April Chang is a project manager in Austin Commercial’s Los Angeles office. She earned her Masters of Science in Construction Management from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of San Diego. Her passion for sustainability began as a child when she learned about the destruction of the rain forest. Today, she has applied this passion to the SFO T1 Boarding Area B project, a LEED Platinum project. She is also a strong proponent of Lean methodology and its thought process. April believes that it could reduce unnecessary waste and increase efficiency to create a more sustainable high performing work environment. Her master’s thesis was about lean thinking and titled – Choosing By Advantages. Currently, April strives to encourage the industry to be sustainable beyond just a requirement on a project but rather to make sustainability a natural part of the industry’s culture.”

Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020

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4:00PM – 6:00PM  PDT